Life is Movement
Life is movement. Movement is a basic characteristic of all life. Movement nourishes the body, activating and strengthening it, inside and out. Tenex understands the art of creating movement as you sit.

Our chairs unify form and function in a comprehensive design that stimulates the natural movements of the body and has an uplifting effect on the soul and the senses.

The body is not made for sitting still but for movement and variation.

We were intrigued that people had once been able to sit for long hours on horseback. We understood that this had something to do with upright posture and the active use of the body even though riders were essentially sitting. We realised that our feet play an important role when we sit for extended periods. For riders, the stirrups enabled the upper body to be more active when sitting – this was a key observation since active arms are essential in office work! We also drew inspiration from kids, believing they had much to teach us. Their “workday” is extremely varied, with constant movement and new postures. As they grow up, they are increasingly told to “sit still”. We aren’t designed to be still but to lead active lives.

How to sit ?

Ergonomic Sitting

1)Height adjustability

2) Back movement

3) Seat depth adjustability

4) Arms adjustability

5) Height adjustability of the backrest

All the products and services we offer are designed to improve the health of businesses by protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of the people who work for them.


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